Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The world is not right but God is sovereign

The world is not right at all. This is something I have been reminded of again and again. The first thing that came into view when I logged on was this article from New Internationalist magazine.

These kind of things make me question God again. And myself too. What am I doing here, am I not doing something I should, what can I do? As I contemplate this afresh, I arrive at the same conclusion again.

God who is love is sovereign, and He can be trusted. And this wretched world is but a blip in eternity.
And I do not need to, and cannot, save the world. Unless God is behind me.

This thought kept occurring to me these days: That everything is illogical apart from God.

I don't think I should make any resolutions. Is life comprised of hurtling toward goals?
Though if anything I pray very hard that I will walk with God, leaning on His providence to carry my cross daily.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A question that struck me

"How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?"
John 5:44

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's up

University is the last 4 years we have before work starts. And well I was super excited about university and so far it hasn't disappointed.

Learning about things I care about, doing things that enthuse me, learning to work with people... And importantly, shaking off all those stereotypes that I have unconsciously accumulated. 

University= Unity in diversity. I am only beginning to learn how deeply competitive I am, and I thank God that He has humbled me in many ways. I am only starting to learn from people with their vastly different experience. Learning to allow more time with people, starting to slow down, to not be so caught up with being efficient. 

"The world is always sizing up people, putting people down" ~ Tom Wright, in Early Christian Letters for Everyone
This really convicted me of my competitive spirit that led me to oscillate between feeling insecure, arrogant and judgmental. 

I really thank God for all His numerous blessings :)

And here is a little of what's up with photos:

 < Steamed Chinese pumpkin cake

v Vegan chocolate cupcake with Macs vanilla ice cream...
Feeling quite conflicted about eating now. More in a while

< Vegan raspberry truffle brownies, sans raspberries because they are so expensive in Singapore
Found it too bitter for my liking; but good recipe nonetheless
From this awesome vegan cooking site, 

Only got initiated to Photo Grid collage maker recently. 

< Common theme: Love for animals

The picture on the bottom right is raw vegan chocolate avocado pudding from this vegan/raw vegan restaurant in my school called Central Park. 
I've only been there once but its closing down on 31 Oct :(

> 1. One of my modules is Intro to Public Speaking.. Speeches every tutorial. For the last one, a persuasive speech, I will be trying to convince the class to eat less meat. Herein lies the dilemma because I don't want to feel like a hypocrite.. since I give in to my cravings too.
Also reflecting on where I should stand on this issue. Plus is that I will be doing alot alot of research...

2.My new lappy which I have been typing on hours on end cos essays are the thing in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 

3. Jung Typology test: Looks like I know myself quite well.. 

Sidewalk Gallery Cafe
- a social enterprise that aims to help the intellectually disabled. Can't say I am having the time of my life there but I really do want to make this enterprise work. 

Click on the above link and like the page!! It is a very pretty place as you can see. And kinda fulfills my childhood dream.. (another reason to praise God)

Friday, August 2, 2013


I think a darn good way to find out more about a person is to look through his/her smartphone.

My home screen says that I hate clutter. And prefer the natural over the man made.

The no-sound, no-vibration setting hints that I don't like (or cannot cope well with) distractions.

See the battery-saving icon? I guess I'm quite an environmentalist.

Yep I need the dictionary cos when I think about what someone writes, I want to be able to define all those big words. The requisite camera apps.. Two file organizers for convenience.

Faith Comes By Hearing is the organisation that develops audio bibles in the many native tongues of the peoples all over the world.

It's not that I don't want a cute calendar; I cannot find a cute calendar widget that doesn't need Internet connection.

Voice recorder to record how I sound when practicing on the guitar.  The Guitar chords app is really useful! Motivates me to practice cos at least I can sing and play the easier songs I find. The app needs Internet connection to access the chords though.

And my current favorite app, feedly! Just discovering the joys of RSS feeders and like the layout of feedly. Love swiping through the pages which have a colourful magazine-style layout.

Added quite a few feeds on money and finance cos its high time I start to know these things. I really really hate reading about investing though.

I'm 19 tomorrow! Thank God I'm not depressed as I expected I would be.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A for Asian

So many stereotypes behind this right.

About to start my last 4 (or 5?) years of studying before I enter the workforce to earn my bread. Really want to make things work. Not just the As but also to find a place in God's kingdom, to make lasting friendships, to reach out to people, to make a difference.

There are times when I feel like I absolutely suck at everything. Then there are times when I feel so good about myself. Hope to find the in-between, and be comfortable with it.

I am probably not a charismatic leader, I am an (extroverted) introvert, I have yet to be able to think fast. I am still grappling with guitar (suspect that my cheap guitar is tripping me), I cannot survive without sleep, I don't take distractions/disturbances well.

In the meantime.. I can think about deep issues. I am becoming comfortable with uncertainty, I can see the complexities of many things. I guess this helps me to empathize with people. I am quite a decent baker (nothing to shout about but at least I have some good stuff up my sleeve).

^ Butter cake and carrot (cup)cake with lemon sand-- ran out of icing sugar so forced to use granulated sugar instead but was too lazy to pulverize it. Result: grainy icing :/

Oh and back to A for Asian. Hopefully I will be able to break out of my many stereotypes through the myriad of characters I meet in university!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Attempts at vegan recipes.
Kimchi fritters

Vegan choc cake

Made the rest below in one day with my good old friend. With a lot of help and advice from A, her domestic helper.
Onde onde!

Glutinous rice packets that pack a real punch cos of the bird's eye chilli.
Most of the work done by A
Kueh Dadar

Monday, June 10, 2013

First post in awhile

In between interning from 8.30-6 (plus overtime), working for 2 weeks as a clinic assistant (got asked to leave cos doctor wanted a permanent nurse; or mebbe I wasn't doing a good job haha), and most importantly thinking about the existence of a God/which is the one true God,

Blogging was the last thing on my mind. 

No one would want to read how horribly hollowed I felt mulling over God anyway. Because both ways there seemed to be losses for me. If I bet my life on Jesus Christ, I would have to accept that almost all my loved ones aren't saved, and I found that I couldn't trust God to do so. 

The other option was to forsake my faith and say I'm not betting my life on anything.  But I knew I couldn't survive with that. Because impassive (and more 'tolerant of other views') as this stance is, I am still betting my life on something. The same thing which my mum is betting her life on. 
Which is that having a clear conscience, and living a relatively moral life, no God (if existent), will condemn me. 
On the surface, it does sound reasonable. However, I still do think the Christian viewpoint holds true. No one is righteous; no one can stand before God uncondemned. I only need to look at myself: the daily stream of self-righteous thoughts, selfish motives, snide remarks... No one can ever call himself blameless.

So slowly, I renewed my faith in Jesus. Doubts about a loving God, whether God is guiding me in life still exist. But I look to the Cross where Jesus was nailed, and think of all that He did. And I think: In His great love God has already done all these to redeem us. A suffering God like this, surely I can trust Him to walk with me.